Quality dry wipes and a bucket with the star insert in the lid allows for a company or individual to make their own wet wipes. The most popular are disinfecting or hand sanitizing wipes, but you can make your own degreaser or glass cleaner wipes - almost any liquid can be used to create a wet wipe. The main thing to know is that different chemicals react to different substrates (the material of the wipe), so please call us to assist in choosing the correct substrate for the chemical you will be saturating the substrate with. 

Our durable HDPE buckets with handles are made to last. Plus the star insert in the lid of the buckets allows for easy wipe dispensing, and helps squeeze some of the excess liquid out of the wipe so it is not too wet.
Wet Task Dry Wipes 50/50 Poly-Rayon 730 Count Roll
Our Wet Task Dry Wipes Are Strong And Durable For Wet Wiping, Spray And Wipe, Or Make Your Own Wet Wipes.
Wet Task Wipes are often used, in conjunction with our wiper bucket, to make your own wet wipe. They are used for creating disinfecting and sanitizing wipes, but you can also make your own degreaser, glass cleaner or other type of chemical wet wipes. Almost any liquid can be turned into a wet wipe. You just have to make sure the substrate (wiper material) is compatible with the chemical you will be adding with it. Call us today and we will help match the correct material with the chemical you will be saturating the wipe with. 

Center Pull Roll. High Quality, Medium Wt., 40 gsm., White. Sheet Size: 17 Cm X 17 Cm (6.69" X 6.69").

Minimum order of 1 pallet = 56 cases
  • 1 pallet contains 56 cases with 6 rolls per case - Total 336 rolls of 730 count
  • Roll size (approx. 2 lb. and 7.5" diameter roll). 

ITEM # FP-WW730-40g