Our passion for offering customers a healthier way to clean and disinfect their environment while leaving Mother Earth healthier too is is what sets Facility Products, LLC. apart from others.  We do this by providing products that use science, nature and innovation. The combined over 75 years of experience the 2 partners of Facility Products, LLC have in servicing the Janitorial/Sanitation industry provides a unique advantage to know whose products perform as promoted, while being better for people and the planet. Our experience in manufacturing, distribution and representation provides a strong foundation from which to offer the best products possible to our customers.

The pandemic allowed products and companies that had been in the shadows of the big brand manufacturers to come out and shine. When the pandemic began, we had customers from around the country contact us to find them wipes, buckets and chemicals.  We were blessed to have long-term established vendor relationships, plus the ability to create new ones in order to fulfill our customers' needs. Buckets with dispensing lids were bought in North America and our wipes were custom converted in the U.S. We scoured the smaller chemical manufacturers to find a quality disinfectant, that had been created prior to the pandemic and safe for people and the planet. Our wipes and bucket with dispensing star insert allow you to make your own wipes - be they disinfectants, glass cleaner, degreasers and more. Keep the bucket, add new roll of wipes and your chemical to save money on chemicals and wipes, plus keep hundreds of thousands of plastic buckets and canisters out of landfills and oceans.  

We offer the SorbUp mop that helps prevent cross contamination by being priced to be disposable. They are made from industrial remnants that would have gone into a landfill.

Chemical applicators that apply chemicals more efficiently - saving time and money - but also reduces plastic dumped because you can buy concentrate & dilute to spray.

Please check out all of our products, call with any questions, and experience our superb customer service!